Self Adhesive Membranes

Self Adhesive Membranes are Bituminous waterproofing membrane modified with high performance SBS polymers, this will provide self-healing properties, easy application and great durability. As it is a SELF-ADHESIVE Membrane, the installation is much easier and quicker. The top layer has a HDPE film, which will provide better mechanical resistance, puncture resistance (static and dynamic) and, better elastic characteristics.

Properties of the membrane
Softening point > 100º C High temperature flow resistance > 90º C
Flexibility at low temperatures <-15º C
Product Commercial Name Reinforcement Carrier Membrane Thikness(mm) Longitudinal tensile strength(N/5 cm) Transversal tensile strength(N/5 cm) Longitudinal elongation at break(%) Transversal elongation at break(%) Dimensional stability(%) PDF
ESTERDAN 30 P ELAST SELFADHESIVE Polyester 2.5 700 450 45 45 <0.6
SELFDAN PE Polyethylene 1.5 200 200 35 35 <2.5
SELFDAN SP Geo-Textile 2.3 700 450 45 45 <0.6


Waterproofing Solutions

We provide waterproofing solutions for flat or sloped roofs, podiums, car parks, bridges, tunnels & much more.

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