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Our extensive range of high-quality waterproofing products such as Liquid waterproofing, preformed membranes etc. Cater to wide solutions from your basement to your roofs.

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Acoustic Insulation

Our insulation products will help the construction elements that make up the interior enclosures of buildings to have adequate acoustic characteristics to reduce the transmission of airborne noise and impact noise.

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Thermal Insulation

Our goal is to achieve a rational use of the necessary energy in buildings, reducing its consumption to sustainable limits, both in new construction and in rehabilitation, to achieve adequate living conditions for comfortable and healthy use of the home or building.

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Drainage & Protection

Our Drainage and protection products have layers that helps in mininmising water removal along with protective measures shield against erosion,safeguarding landscapes and infrastructure.

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We offer a range of auxiliary products designed to protect the overall solution.

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Did You Know

Acoustic Insulation

One important technique used to manage and lessen unwanted noise in buildings and spaces is acoustic insulation. It entails the application of materials and design techniques to stop sound from transferring from one space to another. Sound proofing has the potential to greatly improve privacy and comfort in a variety of environments, including residences, workplaces, and commercial facilities. Decibels (dB) are commonly used to assess the efficacy of acoustic insulation. A well-designed system can lower noise levels by 70 to 60 dB, resulting in calmer and more serene surroundings.

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Products Used In Acoustic Insulation

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4mm high density mass loaded sound barrrier sheet for low frequency acoustic insulation for walls, ceiling and floors..

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Sonodan Plus Autoadhesiv

40mm Multilayer sound insulation panel with self adhesive finish for walls and ceiling.

Projects In Spotlight

Discover our showcase of exceptional projects that exemplify our commitment to excellence and innovation. These featured projects highlight our expertise and the positive impact we've made.

Statue of Unity

Location: Narmada Valley, India

Pune Metro

Location: Pune, India

World One by Lodha

Location: Mumbai, India

Ram Janmabhoomi Ayodhya

Location: Ayodhya, India


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