Joint Sealants

POLYURETHANE, POLYSULPHIDE, ACRYLIC, Modified Bituminous & Hybrid Polymer Sealants available in gun grade and pour-able grade. Highly flexible and durable sealants which adheres to most constructional and industrial substrate.

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TIKI POLYSEAL Two-Part Poly Sulphide Sealant – Pourable Grade
TIKI POLYSEAL PLUS Two component elastomeric sealant consisting of a liquid Polysulphide polymer
TIKISEAL PU25 1K PU Based Joint Sealant
TIKISEAL PU40 1K PU Based Joint Sealant
TIKISEAL PU2K Two-Part Polyurethane Sealant – Pourable Grade


Waterproofing Solutions

We provide waterproofing solutions for flat or sloped roofs, podiums, car parks, bridges, tunnels & much more.

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