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Seawoods Grand Central Mall, an iconic complex, located at Navi Mumbai


Seawoods Grand Central Mall, an iconic complex, located at Navi Mumbai, is part of Nexus Group of Malls. Seawoods Grand Central Mall is India's largest Transit Oriented Development (TOD). A TOD is a crossroad of enterprise and entertainment, culture and commerce; where offices, malls, restaurants and recreational spots converge around a transit station or stop. Besides being directly connected to the Seawoods railway station, the mall is 5 minutes from Belapur CBD, easily accessible from express highway and closer to proposed Navi Mumbai Metro corridor. The ease of access is only second to the variety of facilities available here!


In case of waterproofing of podium deck, it is quite complex as they are used for parking area, landscaping and for many other purposes where water management strategy is important. Waterproofing membranes are not easy to access, service, maintain or replace once it is fully installed. Therefore, it is prudent to design podiums that have a long service life and a durable waterproofing system should be incorporated by a robust waterproofing membrane.

The major challenge for us was to combat the stresses that would induced on the normal membrane as it was a commercial project and the density of vehicles was going to be very high on the podium. At the same time, the landscape had an extensive gardening which would involve a lot of water that may inturn lead to failure of membrane. It was important that both these factors were considered whole providing a robust solution.


We gave a solution to use a High performing TIKIDAN’s Waterproofing Membrane which has excellent abrasion resistance properties and also has proven records in performing very well in waterproofed podium assemblies. HYDROSTOP PLUS 4PY-P being a preformed membrane it is easy to maintain thickness throughout the application area and also it is completely bonded to the slab with the help of primer and torching the membrane at the time of application. Therefore gives a very high performance against water ingress.

For Retaining wall we suggested Self-adhesive SBS modified bituminous membrane SELF-DAN PE, as it is easy to apply on vertical surface by simply peeling of polyethylene film from the bottom side of the membrane and pressing the membrane against the surface. For the water management system we recommended DANODREN H 10/H 15 which gives a direction to the water to drain out in one specific location and also provide protection to waterproofing membrane against the backfilling operation.

The area of the podium where traffic density was more, we suggested Torch Applied SBS modified membrane POLYDAN 48 PARKING which possesses the property of distributing stresses and ensure a long life span to the structure.

TIKIDAN, being the waterproofing expert, is able to provide a comprehensive and custom made waterproofing solution.

Area TIKIDAN Waterproofing System

Project Name
Seawood Grand Central
Project Owner
Nexus Group
Project Type
Project Sacle
HYDROSTOP 4PY-P: 11800 m2
POLYDAN 48 P PARKING: 28405 m2
DANODREN H-10/H-15: 6320 m2
SELFDAN PE: 2000 m2


  • — HYDROSTOP 4PY-P:11800 m2
  • — POLYDAN 48 P PARKING:28405 m2
  • — DANODREN H-10/H-15:6320 m2
  • — SELFDAN PE:2000 m2

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