TIKI PRIMER-WB and TIKI PRIMER-OB are the two Premium Grade of Bituminous Primers offered from the House of “TIKIDAN” for Promoting and Enhancing the Adhesion of Polymer Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane on various surfaces encountered in a Building Structure, may it be Concrete, Masonry, Asbestos Sheet, G.I.Sheet, Steel, Wood, Roofing Felt, Asphalt and Stone.

It is applied by Brush / Spray Gun on well prepared sound and clean surface. The Coverage Rate varies depending upon the Type of Surface and its Porosity. Smooth Less Porous Surface Yields High Coverage than Uneven Rough Surfaces.

TIKI PRIMER-WB and TIKI PRIMER-OB is used as a part of Waterproofing System in conjunction with Polymer Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane. 


TIKI PRIMER-OB is Low Viscous Oil Based Bituminous Primer with High Penetrating Power and Excellent Adhesion Property applied at a covering rate of 4m2 to 6 m2 per Litre on Dry surface. Low Viscous Characteristic of TIKI PRIMER-OB allows it to Penetrate Deep in to the Surface Pores forming a Tight Seal. This Unique Property of TIKIPRIMER-OB imparts Extra Safety to Porous Surface Reducing its Permeability.


TIKI PRIMER-WB is Viscous Water Based Bituminous Primer. Based on Required Consistency, TIKI PRIMER-WB can be mixed with Water Maximum in 1:1 Ratio and applied at a covering rate of 3m2 to 5m2 per Kg. Being Water Based. it can be applied to Dry and Damp Surfaces. In Dry / Hot Weather Conditions, Surface should be made Moist/Damp by Sprinkling Water prior to application of TIKI PRIMER WB.

1. Viscosity by standard tar viscometer, 4mm orifice, in sec at 25°C 4 to 24
2. Distillation fractions, percent by volume of the primer:

a) Upto 225°C Min.
b) Upto 360°C Max.

3. Flash Point Pensky Martens closed type, Min 40°C
4. Water Content, percent. Max 0.2%
5. Test on residue from distillation upto 360°C

a) Ductility, 25°C, Min
b) Penetration at 25°C, 100gm, 5sec in 1/100cm
c) Matter soluble in Carbon disulfide or carbon tetrachloride or trichloroethylene, percent by weight Min.


20 to 50

Instruction: Stir well before use

Note: Storage life: 1 year, in sealed container in covered shed when not in use.

Packing : 20/200 Ltrs. Capacity Tins / Drums


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